For our senior project, Co-creator Yesenia Carrero and I created a pitch for an animated fantasy series about a married couple trying to survive the crazy magical world they live in. Along with creating our own assets and maintaining the project's social medias on Blogger and Facebook, we oversaw over 50 volunteer and student artists from around the world to create content for our pitch to Warner Brothers. Our pitch included summary, episode synopsis, character bios, concept storyboards, character designs, fashion designs, a website for desktop and mobile, and small mock gif animations to demonstrate the style. We also created flyers to advertise around our school and illustrations to advertise online. It received warm reviews from our Warner Brothers contact, and won second place in the popular vote Animation Magazine's Pitch Party Contest. We are now working on an overhauled version for a web series, which you can view my character concept work for.
(all above) Our pitch package included a pitch book, a desktop and mobile website, and a production blog. We also created eye-catching flyers and advertisements to recruit our classmates to help.
Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. We created many assets and illustrations for the pitch ourselves.
Adobe Flash. I created two test animations to exempify our style
We created intricate puppets using Adobe Illustrator and Flash
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