"Cutting Words"

A short comic for
Aid Another: A Dungeons and Dragons Charity Zine

A short comic I created for a G-rated Dungeons and Dragons themed charity comic and illustration zine directed by Jasmine Walls and Little Corvus, on the topic of "helping", with 100% of the profits towards the White Helmets and The National Immigration Law Center.

My piece is about a gnome bard who speaks up for his friends & against evil using the in-game DnD5e attacks vicious mockery and healing word, which I portray with word balloons that physically interact with the target(s)!

My piece in the printed zine
I sketched the comic in Adobe Sketch on an Ipad Pro and inked in Procreate,
with edits and text created in Adobe Photoshop.

I colored the first frame from the comic in Adobe Sketch for Ipad to advertise the zine on social media

Thank you for viewing!

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