Gemini Journey

Gemini Journey is a massive collaborative passion project between Yesenia Carrero and Tracy MacLauchlan. We created the first concept, “The Taffetas”, as an animated series pitch to Warner Brothers and Disney XD in 2011.  In 2012 , we started over and revised the concept and our goals entirely. in 2016, we launched “Gemini Journey” as a creator-owned, storyboard-esque webcomic. As such, the work for the project includes concept work, pitching material, animations, illustrations, and sequential art spanning several years.

Gemini Journey : 2015 Comics
Gemini Journey: Character Concepts
Gemini Journey Title Illustration
The Taffetas 2011: An Animated Fantasy Pitch
The Taffetas: Article Illustrations
Spring Outfit Design
Make A Splash! Gemini Journey Illustration
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